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Booking Form

Booking Form


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GST of 5%
Terms & Conditions:

Any exceptions or changes to the terms below must be in writing and signed by

Tony Dias or Tristen Dias of TPA Outfitters. Unless otherwise noted, all hunts are fair chase with no guarantee of success. All hunters must agree to, sign and deliver to TPA Outfitters, an Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability Agreement.

Deposits are non-refundable by TPA Putfitters. or the booking agent.  If a hunter should choose to cancel their hunt for any reason, the client shall forfeit 100% of their deposit regardless of length of notice. The only exception is if the hunter finds a replacement hunter for the same hunt booked. Finding a replacement hunter is the hunter’s responsibility and not the responsibility of TPA Putfitters, or the booking agent.

The hunter's best interest and the safety of all persons on the hunt are paramount.  TPA Outfitters, therefore reserves the right to cancel any hunt at any time if a hunter engages in unsafe hunting practices or for reasons of safety, violations, ethics or better judgment.