TPA Outfitters

TPA Outfitting is a family owned and operated company based in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.

About Us

We strive to provide exceptional outfitting services to hunters from all around the world on the unique, bountiful, and historic lands that the Nunavut Territory provides.

TPA Outfitting stems from the 30+ years of our lived-in, intimate experience and passion for hunting, fishing, and camping to provide for our family and community. With a vision to bring adventure, culture, and to share our world of Nunavut’s great outdoors and wildlife to our clients, our company was founded.

What We Provide

Clients can be sure to experience the Canadian Arctic and share the tundra that Musk Ox, Caribou, and Polar Bears roam. We provide safe transportation to and from our camp, exceptional accommodations, and home cooked meals every day. Get in touch today to book your hunting experience!

What we offer:

  • Polar Bear hunts – Fall (August-November)
  • Muskox hunts – Spring & Fall (April, August-September)
  • Caribou Hunts – August & September
  • Fall combo Muskox & Caribou hunts – August & September
  • Spring Grizzly hunts – April & May

We can customize any hunting trip for you. We can also add on other species to your hunt – wolf, wolverine, fishing and small game (ptarmigan, rabbit, arctic fox).

Meet Our Team

Tony Dias

Tony Dias is originally from Nova Scotia but moved to Nunavut in 1992 where he met his wife, Shawna and they started their family together. Tony quickly learned the importance of hunting as a way of providing for his family and was taught to hunt by his father-in-law, Tati. With 30+ years of experience, Tony is excited to bring his passion of hunting and provide exceptional services to hunters across the world alongside his children.

Tristen Taqaugak Dias

Tristen is the oldest sibling and grew up hunting and fishing with his father and grandfather. Tristen is a carpenter by trade but a hunter at heart. With his lifelong experience Tristen is eager to share his knowledge and expertise of hunting in Nunavut. In his free time Tristen loves to play sports like volleyball, baseball, and hockey and dog mushing.

Tyrese Piuvaa Dias

Tyrese is the second born son and grew up hunting and fishing alongside his older brother and father. Tyrese is a hard worker and with his sense of humour and love of hunting, Ty is happy to share his skills to all clients. Tyrese lives in Rankin where he works, owns a home, and raises his family. Tyrese splits his free time between hunting, fishing, playing sports, and renovating his house, and dog mushing with his brother.

Shanti Avaaqsaq Dias

Shanti is the youngest sibling and only girl, so her love for camping and hunting came from her two brothers and father. Shanti is a seamstress and alongside her mother, sews beautiful winter parkas suited for Nunavuts cold temperatures. Shanti never passes up an opportunity to go hunting or fishing, and in her free time plays sports, cooks, bakes, and sews.

Packing List



Guests will be allowed the following CHECKED items weighing no more than a collective 120 lbs. and with no single bag weighing more than 50 lbs.

Two duffle bags (bags must not exceed total dimensions [L+W+H] of 62”).

Gun or bow in a hard case.

Guests will also be allowed two CARRY-ON items weighing no more than a collective 20 lbs. with combined dimensions no larger than 10” x 16”x 12”.

All outerwear should be rated to at least -25°C/-13°F. Bring extra liners for your footwear which should be designed for extreme cold.

– Tinted snowmobile goggles
– Sunglasses
– 1 medium day pack (great for carrying extra gear)
– Good set of binoculars and/or spotting scope
– Tall shooting sticks (optional)
– Digital camera (extra batteries if needed)
– Headlamp (extra batteries)
– 1 sharp knife
– Water bottle 16-24 oz
Field Tip: Always dress in layers!

– 1 heavy fleece jacket
– 1 set insulated bib overalls
– 1 heavy hunting parka (down filled with hood)
– 1 set light, polypropylene or silk long underwear
– 1 set heavy long underwear
– Insulated winter boots
– Warm mitts, large enough to fit over an inner pair
– Heavy woolen shooting gloves
– Face mask (balaclava)
– Fur hat with flaps
– 4 – 5 pairs heavy wool socks
– 4 – 5 pairs thinner wool socks
– 1 pair heavy wool pants
– Heavy wool shirts
– Lighter clothing to wear around camp
– Slippers / indoor shoes for around camp

– Toothbrush and toothpaste
– Razor and shaving cream
– Personal medications
– Sunscreen


Most shots are taken under 200 yards. We recommend a high-powered rifle (.270 calibre or larger) with a minimum 150 grain bullet. Magnum cartridges are a great choice. You should bring at least 20 rounds.

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PO Box 577
Rankin Inlet. Nunavut
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Tony Dias

Rankin Inlet is one of the easiest communities to get to in Nunavut. You can get to Rankin Inlet through Winnipeg. Winnipeg can be accessed through many US cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Missoula, Seattle and more.